Learning to suffer well is really the only option when you boil it all down. Meditating on attributes of the creator of all things good. It’s in our nature to question things but, we are not called to live in our nature. We are born into it but, born into, is not made. We are beckoned ever so gently, or sometimes ever not so gently to rise, or to descend. When the decision makes its way to your heart, the heart will decide the whole course of your life if it is not swept clean, and guarded against the variable onslaughts of life. Over time, it will inadvertently start to steer your course on to destinies, that are beyond bizarre, or beyond what you could ever imagine for yourself. Imagine, now there is the word. This is the substance of our dreams, and nightmares. Everyone has a working imagination which you consciously use, or not. If you are alive, you are equipped with this faculty. We all have a certain level of success manifesting things into our material reality, with the use of imagination. However, it seems strange to me, how many of us, if not most of us, never regard the actual mechanics of what actually transpires when we exercise this ability. Coincidence is its name, as if it were nothing other than ordinary occurrence. Coincidence is its name, and not so spectacular is the shelf that it sits on. When you start to analyze what is really transpiring, and what it actually takes to manifest anything, it can give you the impression that you have a mystical power. You are gifted, cursed, genius, or simpleton. There is a mystical element to it that is hard to deny. There also seems to be a divine intelligence at work. The divine mind, for lack of a better name, has a fantastic sense of humor, just look at our human condition. Us the creatures, and all the trivialities we get engrossed in, all the dramas exposed on a daily basis. We love them, and trade one for another unceasingly. Something, or someone seems to be placing many of them in our path, as if playfully, jokingly, mockingly. Misunderstood is their middle name. Misunderstood seems to be our name as well. For most things, at the end of the day, does it really matter to anything other than our egos to be understood? God knows the secrets of your heart, tests them, and gives to each one of us what our motives, and conduct deserves. What do we really deserve? We prescribe, and subscribe, so many prideful claims to our soul, that do not serve us well. I’m sure, some folks never ponder this until they are face-to-face with the invariable reality of death, at the end of their lives. Finally realizing that you suffer against the grain can take decades, some believe lifetimes. One doesn’t recognize in ones life, the really important moments until its to late. Its usually because we are suffering but, suffering nourishes courage, courage to suffer more. Suffering is a part of being alive, and we need to learn that. Pain does not last forever, nor is it ever unbearable, and we need to be taught that. I have to remember suffering has this most excellent quality, if prolonged it can not be severe, and if severe can not be prolonged. You cant be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you. Patients is a bitter plant but, the fruit is sweet. I believe the very best you can attain in life is, to remain still, and let God act, and speak in you. One is happy as a result of ones own efforts, namely the effort of realizing you are already happy, and exercising a bad memory. I specifically remember forgetting a lot of things that caused me strife. I am not alone in my ugly, and no one can refute my story. The thing about a story though, its a story. You can crumple it up and throw it away if you want but, how will you demonstrate transformation with out it. What it used to be like, what happened, and what its like now. Really, its Gods story not yours. My experiences have made their own welcome, and many levels of distinction. What lies ahead for me now is gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by. I am responsible for my life, I am here now, and I decide. I’m happy, and blessed to be me.